How do you sell coffee? For Blue Bottle Coffee, that meant speaking the language of their customers and getting inside their heads.

source: Blue Bottle Coffee


Blue Bottle Coffee’s Website

The company had been arranging the coffee on their website based on where it was grown. And while this made sense to the team (a group of coffee connoisseurs), it was confusing for their customers. With the work of a design team from Google Ventures, they went into the field to research this and found customers were reluctant to divulge their simple approach to coffee selection. So the design researchers turned to the baristas.

The baristas knew first hand how to help customers pick the right coffee to take home: based on how they brewed it. “French press? Chemex? Auto drip? Here’s what I recommend.”

This small change helped double their online sales growth, according to Jake Knapp, Partner at Google Ventures